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With the increasing health consciousness, people are more into the search for healthy food and drinks. There is no surprise in how drinking tea can benefit your health. All you have to know is a way of preparing it and some good dealers who can bring some of the finest blends from leading CTC Tea suppliers. Being one of the oldest CTC Tea manufacturers and exporters in India, Narendra Tea company can provide finely processed and packaged CTC Tea.


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What Is CTC Tea

CTC Tea is the abbreviation of Crush, Tear and Curl Tea. While processing the CTC Tea, black tea leaves run through a series of cylindrical rollers. These rollers are used to crush, tear and curl the tea leaves with a teeth-like structure.

CTC Tea tastes best when you prepare it with milk and sugar. Be it lethargy of morning or tiredness of evening, CTC Tea awakes your mind for a roller coaster ride.


How CTC tea is made

Manufacturing Process


Tea leaves are crushed, torn, and curled into small and hard pallets by a series of cylindrical rollers with hundreds of sharp teeth.


In this process, tea leaves go through controlled temperature and humidity to ensure a better colour and flavour of the tea blend.


The moisture level of the tea is brought down to around 3% to stop any type of enzyme activities for a good shelf life of the tea.


With the help of a sifter, tea is segregated into four main sizes which are namely whole leaf, broken, fanning, and dust.

Health Benefits Of CTC Tea

You will get an immense health benefit upon drinking CTC Tea. The presence of various nutrients and vitamins in this rejoicing tea can prevent many kinds of diseases. Let’s know about them in detail –


Prevents heart diseases

We all have heard at any point in life that prevention is always better than cure. You will surely get medicine if you suffer from diseases, but you must ensure not to encounter any sort of ailments that will take your mental and physical health on toll. A small effort or a few good habits every day can minimize the risk of health hazards.
Research has shown that consumption of CTC Tea twice a day can reduce the chances of heart attack by at least 50%. This healthy habit can prevent the diseases like high blood pressure, blood clotting and help you to relax the blood vessels.

Boosts digestion

A healthy body needs a good digestive system. Problems like cramping, bloating, gas, constipation, and diarrhea can be prevented easily if your digestive system is functioning well. Drinking CTC Tea twice a day can prevent diseases related to the digestive system. Did you know a cup of Black Tea after a heavy meal can ease the digestive system? Your digestive tract will get the polyphenolic compounds from Black Tea, which work as prebiotics. In addition to this, Masala Tea that includes clove, tulsi, ginger, and elaichi helps in the digestive process while giving your body a calming effect. You can also ease the cramps in your body by drinking plenty of CTC Tea.

Weight management gets easy

Most of us are found worried about our gained weight, with increased sitting hours and lack of activity. Though there is no shortcut to managing health and a good weight, drinking two cups of Black Tea a day can ease your journey towards weight and health management goals. Did you know Black Tea blocks fat absorption in the cells, which in turn aids in weight loss? Why not make your weight loss journey cherishing by adding milk and other herbs to your Black Tea? Keep following the blog section of our CTC Tea company for more such tips and enjoy your favorite hot beverage!

Prevents the risk of cancer

When it comes to preventing various diseases to maintain a healthy life, some precautionary measures are necessary to follow. A lot of people don’t even know that CTC Tea has nutrients that help to prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body. Its antioxidant property helps to kill cancer-causing cells without damaging the surrounding cells. Hence, having CTC Tea regularly keeps you hydrated while preventing the risk of cancer in the long run. Why not switch your regular tea with CTC today?

Reduces anxiety

When your body responds to tension about what’s to come, it causes anxiety in the body. Especially, while facing a crowd or doing something for the first time, you may feel shaky or nervous. The aroma of CTC Tea is very relaxing and keeps your body stress-free with a light brew.

Ensures better oral health

Cavity and plaque are common dental problems. Even if you brush your teeth every day, dental problems can happen due to a lack of proper medical coverage. Since CTC Tea contains fluoride, it strengthens the teeth besides boosting gum health.

Improves skin health

Since CTC Tea is a natural source of Vitamin A and E, both can play an important role in improving skin health. The art of having masala has elevated to floral White Tea, but nothing can beat the wellness benefits of Black Tea. The antioxidants and phytonutrients help eliminate the toxins from your body and boost the healing process. Being packed with chemicals like tannin and polyphenols, it promotes skin regeneration as well.

Available tea blends in the market are divided between Orthodox Teas and CTC Teas. Whereas Orthodox Teas are the expensive ones, the CTC Teas on the contrary are pocket-friendly and widely sold by the CTC Tea wholesale suppliers around the world. The orthodox blends use loose leaf teas which are produced in a traditional method that involves plucking, rolling, and fermentation or oxidation of tea leaves. On the contrary, the CTC Tea leaves go through a process called Crush-Tear-Curl to produce Black Tea. Whereas orthodox tea production focuses on preserving the virtues of tea, the CTC Tea exporters put more focus on meeting the flavor that the market demands.


Frequently Asked Questions

Narendra Tea Company is one of India's top CTC Tea companies. We've been in the business for almost six decades.

Yes, we are one of the top CTC Tea suppliers in India.

Crush, Tear, Curl (also known as Cut, Tear, Curl) is a technique of processing CTC Tea that involves passing the leaves through a succession of cylindrical rollers with hundreds of sharp teeth that crush, rip, and curl the tea into small, hard pellets.

Darjeeling Tea is tea cultivated in the steep parts of the Darjeeling District. Darjeeling's plain regions continue to generate CTC Teas. These teas are generally produced by machines, with minimum processing that preserves the majority of the qualities of the plucked leaf.

CTC Tea includes antioxidants that reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. CTC Tea aids weight reduction by preventing fat absorption in the cells. It also improves digestion and the immunological system. CTC Tea has antioxidants that may aid in cancer prevention.

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